About us

Sypka Mąka is the idea of a good kitchen with simple products. We are all agree that simplicity is the mother of good taste, and good products will defend themselves. They are the beginning of everything. You don’t need to combine. Just use their quality, taste and get inspired.

In both restaurants – Sypka Mąka and Sypka Mąka i Masło – the product is always in the first place, then the chef and his idea for harmonious dishes. Ideas are screened to choose the best – those that guarantee a good atmosphere in our restaurants. Of course, not forgetting the pinch of good taste and empathy towards every carnivore, vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free and allergist – as far as we could. We enjoy the taste of 16-month old Grana Padano, creamy burrata (D.O.P / protected designation of origin) and essential broth. These are the bases of our menu.

“This kitchen is like me – simple and made to enjoy and celebrate the time that everyone has little today, and good food is such an award for the hardships of everyday life…” – Jurek Sobieniak.